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Our local friends mean a lot to us. 

Being a small business ourself we do our best to support local, small businesses in NSW and Australia. 

So here are some links to out local partners.

Some just love our products back, others sell our products, some are our suppliers, and some are just our friends who we’ve met during our journey. Do we really need a reason to make friends? Nah! 

Funky Moon

Our sister company, turning our crazy imagination into cute little t-shirts, totes and more. Funky Moon provided us with our first set of Nabela t-shirts ready for our market days. We looked great and felt fantastic.

Funky Moon do small batch merchandise, which you can design, or leave to them to design (their cartoons are so cool!)

Olio Mio

Our local olive oil supplier. Straight from the farm to your soap! Supporting a beautiful family of olive oil makers, with generations of history in NSW and Italy!

They supply us with high quality, beautiful olive oil that adds moisture, nutrients and conditioning to your skin through our soap bars.


Honestly, our local coffee shop in Ashbury, Sydney, providing the caffeine, croissants and coffee grinds we need to for energy, sustenance and exfoliation, respectively.

A lovely team made of family and friends who are always creating new dishes, inspired by their Syrian background. Always trying our soaps and giving us feedback, thanks guys!

William Maslin Dance Studios

The love of my life – dancing with my husband. Yep, waltz, foxtrot, bolero and more!

Running a small business is tough, so a healthy dose of fun and exercise is a must. William Maslin Dance Studios is my go to. The studio is friendly, with so many events and so many dances to learn. You never get board and never feel out of place. It’s non pretentious dance studio. Different!

Goldfinch Editing

Well, let me tell you, without Goldfinch, my website would have been terrible!

Goldfinch worked to my minuscule budget to edit my website, knowing we are a new business trying to launch in this big scary world.

I know there is work to do, and having worked with Goldfinch, I know who I will be going to to further enhance our website when my business grows. So supporting me supports Goldfinch. Yella people, buy soap!

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