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Artisan Soaps

Our happy customers


We love Nabela soaps! Fragrant, natural and really nice and soft to use, they also make great gifts. Favourite is Lemon Myrtle but we do like the wide range of colours and smells available


This soap is the best. It smells fantastic. Has a really good lather. It is just so enjoyable to use. So glad I found it.


Awesome soap. Lathers well and smells great.


Why choose Nabela?

Support a local, small business

Reduce plastics and metals in our waterways and in landfill

Love your skin with soap made from natural ingredients

How to care for your soap

Let her dry out between uses as much as possible. Don’t let her sit in a pool of water.

Simply use a good soap dish or a soap bag. This way, your soap will last far longer.

Nabela is living from the heart.

We embrace this beautiful lesson in every soap and product we create.

Nabela reminds us that we are part of this expansive universe.

So we integrate astrology, herbs, minerals, and flowers in our products.

Nabela is grace, acceptance, gratitude and growth.

So we acknowledge the influence of our sun, moon, all celestial bodies, and mother earth.

And infuse their gifts into all our products to ensure your daily self love routine of bathing and skin care is strengthened by your connection with our universe.

The universe is all about love.

Nabela is going back to love


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