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Our ingredients

We make soap that cleans you, simple! Quality ingredients create cleansing, long lasting, moisturising soaps. So we are obviously a little picky!

While we claim that our soaps only clean you, we’d like you to know a little more about each ingredient and their own magic. 

Activated charcoal Now this is a show off – what can’t it do? We’ll keep it brief though – remove impurities, clear and shrink pores, rejuvenate skin, tighten skin for a youthful look, calm acne, manage oil levels … we can continue but as we said, show off!  We love you!
Brazilian gold clay A beautiful clay that can add a shimmer to cold process soap when gelled. Known to have many antioxidants and support anti-aging and remove impurities from the skin.
Brazilian Purple Clay This clay has got your back people! Not only does it nourish the skin to support anti-aging, but it also protects the skin after use, acting as your own little army against environmental impurities like pollution.
Calendula (Marigold) petals Not just beautiful, but moisturising, can help reduce inflammation and is also antibacterial. We infuse most of our olive oils with calendula flowers.
Castor oil The lather and bubble master, adds a little extra natural lather and bubbles to those that coconut oil provides.
Citric acid Used to reduce soap scum.
Cocoa butter This butter has a double life – you can eat her and wash with her – very cheeky! Cocoa butter is wonderfully moisturising, and helps immensely with any dry, dehydrated skin. She can help rejuvenate damaged skin.
Coconut oil You want another high achiever? You got it! Where to start? For the skin, this oil hydrates, cleanses (oh does she cleanse), absorbs impurities, adds antioxidants to reduce fine lines, soothes redness and reduces bacteria.
Coffee A fantastic exfoliant that also can support calming skin issues such as acne, eczema and psoriasis as it promotes circulation in the skin and is high in antioxidants.
Cold process soap Well, this isn’t an ingredient, it is the process we use to to make our soap. It introduces as little heat as possible to the oils and ingredients to reach saponification. Each soap is made from raw materials to ensure we know what is in each one of our bars, for you.
Coriander We often infuse our olive oil with fresh coriander and parsley. Coriander carries antioxidants that support skin rejuvenation and manages acidity or PH levels of our skin.
Cucumber powder Cucumber powder is all about repairing and regrowing your cells, so it rejuvenates the skin. It’s pretty good for redness and some irritations.
Essential oils Naturally derived oils from plants that we use to scent our bars. They have their own magic properties that support skin and mood. So try as many scents as you can.
Fragrance oils These can be synthetically created or made with natural essential oils. We’ll make sure to list if it is a natural fragrance oil or not. Both are skin safe, and both delicious, for the smell that is!
Grapeseed oil A light oil that can sooth acne, hydrate, sooth sun damage and lighten any lines or dark blemishes. It is an undercover high achiever. We do our best not to heat this oil, or any of our liquid oils, to maintain it’s magic.
Green clay A gentle clay and a gentle colour. This clay helps to revitalise the skin by cleansing, decongesting and brightening the skin. We use both Australian and French green clays.
Indigo Carmine Well, this one is here for the look! It adds a natural blue colour and acts more as a helper to the rest of the ingredients, and gives you a fun blue bath. Very Venusian –  in it for the look and the love. Interesting, it is used as a dye injected in our bodies for some scans – nice!
Lavender flowers Sweet, soft, small and potent. These little flowers and their essential oil are all about soothing, they calm, and they are also antibacterial. So great for acne prone skin, and soothing for all of our senses.
Madder root powder Can be used medicinally as well as topically. Topically it helps sooth acne, blemishes and skin irritations, and when left a little powdered in soap adds a lovely exfoliation.
Mango butter What a darling! This gentle, tropical butter supports collagen in the skin, reducing lines and encourage skin rejuvenation – yes new skin! This can then over time improve the texture and elasticity of skin.
Mica powders Skin safe colourants that we hardly use. If we do, we’ll list it in the ingredients. We source the best micas for you and the environment. They add gorgeous colour, safely.
Olive oil Full of good fats and vitamins, olive oil is a miracle providing benefits when eaten and used topically. Topically it hydrates, renews, tightens and removes impurities and bacteria. An ancient old friend, who remains our ally today.
Parsley We infuse our olive oil with fresh coriander and parsley. Parsley is a great ally to reducing fine lines, managing oil, anti-aging and reduce redness and dark lines.
Pink Clay Beautiful in soap and as a mask when mixed with water. This clay brings back the pink of youth! It rejuvenates the skin, encouraging elasticity and helps to clear out some impurities. We buy Australian clay as a priority.
Salt Used as an exfoliant and to harden the soap.
Sandalwood powder Not just a gentle exfoliant, but a great ally in maintaining skin elasticity and a great complexion. Yes, very Jane Austen – maintaining our complexion my dears, just like Jane Bennet, not Elizabeth Bennet!
Shea butter Another high achiever here, Shea butter is moisturising, hydrating, anti-aging, gentle on sensitive skin and helps to prevent and reduce those finer lines that come with change, growth and re-shaping. Spanx for your skin.
Sodium hydroxide aka caustic soda No soap can be made without it! Even the first bar of soap included the crudest version of sodium hydroxide, fire ash. We mix sodium hydroxide with an ample amount of water to create Lye. Lye is the key substance to turn oil into soap! Lye is completely neutralised when the oils saponify to make soap. We then cure the soap for 4 – 6 weeks to ensure no lye is left, so all soaps are skin safe and ready to clean! Most ‘soaps’ or ‘cleansing’ bars in the supermarket are actually detergent. So while they are skin safe, they are not as conditioning and moisturising as real soap, which is made of, on average, over 80% of oils and fats.
Sodium lactate A naturally derived salt used to harden our bars. It is derived from corn and beetroot.
Sugar Used as an exfoliant and to promote more bubbles. Who would say no to bubbles?
Sweet almond oil This soft, gentle oil can be acne friendly, smooths out the skin, hydrates and also helps to support collagen development in the skin. This clever little oil can also be a UV protector, bless! We often use this to infuse our clays.
Yellow clay As sunny and creamy as this clay looks, it feels! Another beautiful clay to clean out impurities and give your skin a renewed glow. We source Australian clay as priority.
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