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About Nabela

Natural, local ingredients

Each one of our products is made with natural products, including fresh herbs, dried local botanicals, coconut oil, olive oil and so much more. We do our best to source from local farms and producers.

We slow-infuse our oils for months with the hope that you can benefit from the plants functions, through gentle extraction. Although our soaps are simply made to clean you.

Essential oils are a key element to add beautiful scents to make you feel good. Essential oils are known for their own magical properties.

Love centered

We want you to feel good every time you use one of our products. Every product we create is made with love in our little kitchen, with the intention that you give a little love to yourself each time you use our product.

Find the heart inside every moment.

Astrological and seasonal influence

As above, so below. We are all born with unique planetary positions that can influence our physical and psychological make up. We try to select some of our additives such as essential oils and clays to match zodiac and planetary energies. 

We also create products that are aligned with the season and time of day. Ancient systems of healthcare follow this seasonal influence, connected with the meridian system in our bodies.

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